Dog Grooming

Your dog will be brushed out or clipped, using brushes and combs or clippers and followed by ear plucking/cleaning, nail trim and scissoring, accomplished with a variety of scissor types. Your dog will then be bathed using high quality pet shampoos and conditioners. Dogs with skin issues are bathed in our medicated shampoos which are purchased through veterinarians, ensuring the products are safe and very reliable. Drying is the final stage of the groom and will be performed using a high velocity dryer or fans in our drying area, depending on which is more preferable for your dog, all provided in our safe, clean, well equipped facility.

Grooms are booked by appointment only. We use positive based methods to encourage and reward your dog throughout the grooming process. We also use the Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is what a mother emits when her pups are in unfamiliar situations to help keep them calm, proven to be highly beneficial when grooming dogs, and also purchased through a veterinarian.