About Us

Barking Barber is committed to you and your dog, providing the highest quality grooming and done by appointment only. Every dog that comes through our door is treated with one on one attention and the utmost of care.

Located in Canborough, Ontario, Barking Barber provides a calm, unique and professional salon where we use positive based methods to encourage and reward your dog throughout the grooming process. We also use the Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is what a mother emits when her pups are in unfamiliar situations to help keep them calm, proven to be highly beneficial when grooming dogs, and purchased through a veterinarian.

Our equipment is top of the line and includes a hydraulic lift table and high velocity dryer, along with high quality shampoos and conditioners. Dogs with skin issues are bathed in our medicated shampoos which are also purchased through veterinarians, ensuring the products are safe and very reliable.

We ensure your dog's visit is a safe and friendly experience in a bright, air conditioned, fully insured salon. We believe in providing the very best in customer service, and a free, individual consultation is offered to you on every visit, in order to find the right style for your dog.

Regular grooming will increase your dog's physical and emotional well-being, and the dog will feel refreshed and revitalized.

About the Groomer

Barking Barber is owned and operated by Cass Wright, who is a graduate of DogPort Academy of Dog Grooming, a private career college located in Woodstock, Ontario. Cass is a member of Ontario Dog Groomers Association as well as a member of the Dunnville and Cayuga Chambers of Commerce.

Cass has over 25 years of experience working with dogs. Prior to becoming a groomer, Cass ran a pet sitting business in Mississauga for many years, providing weekday puppy visits, private leash walks and a leash free run. After moving to Canborough, Cass decided on a career change which would still embrace her love of dogs and went to school to learn grooming. She opened Barking Barber shortly after graduating.